Online threats could adversely affect a company’s brand image as well as the security of their business data and data lists, an expert has suggested.

Bill Unrue, president of online identity protection firm Anonymizer, stressed that all firms are susceptible to negative brand exposure each and every time an employee surfs the internet using company equipment.

He advised marketing organisations to preserve their reputations by making use of non-attributions systems which mask web surfers’ IP addresses and prevents their origin from being detected.

These systems also prevent companies’ IP addresses from being collected and aggregated by “nefarious” websites.

“Such enterprise platforms provide many layers of capabilities that even today’s most-sophisticated analytic tools would be unable to thwart,” Mr Unrue said.

“In addition, comprehensive non-attribution solutions support remote users as well as email and online chat applications.”

A recent report by data security firm Imperva found that marketers’ databases could come under increasing threat from hackers over the next ten years and online attacks become more sophisticated.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing