Online video marketing methods can help convert email leads into sales, an expert has suggested.

Bud Rosenthal, chief executive of TurnHere, said video advertising has very strong branding capabilities and is a great direct response vehicle that drives measurable actions that result in sales.

Writing in Marketing Profs, he pointed out that incorporating video into direct marketing campaigns is cost-effective, which means it can be used multiple times across web-based campaigns, while driving high levels of return on investment.

However, Mr Rosenthal advised marketers to keep video content simple, as over production is simply throwing away money that can be diverted elsewhere.

“Professional production is important for maintaining brand standards, but fancy graphics, expensive effects, and other high-end production efforts will be mostly lost online,” he said.

“Worse, some of these effects may muddle the video, making the content and information difficult to comprehend, which can lead the viewer to abandon the video.”

The recent 2009 Business Pulse report found that almost a third of firms are winning and retaining business through the use of technology.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing