Online marketers who maintain a clear dialogue with web designers have a higher chance of achieving success.

According to Mat Siltala, of Dream Systems Media, there is “a huge communication gap between most web developers and SEOs/internet marketers” which can compromise business’ chances of success.

He advised that online retailers and web developers should come together and devise a plan on the best way to move forward instead of operating independently.

“You each bring something amazing to the table and need each other,” Mr Siltata commented on his blog.

“I think we need to have some better communication from the very start to kick things off and get you thinking differently.”

He added that web developers need to come out of the mindset that they know how to build a good site without talking to SEOs, while the latter should not presume that developers have no knowledge about marketing online.

According to a survey from the Email Experience Council, 98 per cent of online retailers’ welcome emails contain a link to their website.

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