Marketers who are looking to engage with young consumers should ensure that their brands are visible through search engines, an industry expert has advised.

According to Stuart Larkins, senior vice president of search at DoubleClick Performics, many “tweenagers” (seven to 11-year-olds) use search engines to research brands after seeing an advert, so websites should ensure they have good rankings on search pages.

Speaking to online resource Chief Marketer, Mr Larkins urged marketers to use search engine marketing and optimisation to complement their existing marketing efforts when targeting younger demographics.

“Many [tweens] also reported using search engines to find places to buy, check prices or start researching a purchase from scratch,” he added.

A study commissioned by DoubleClick Performics found that eight in ten tweens spend an average of one hour online every day, while 50 per cent use the internet more than three times in any one day.

Search giant Google recently purchased DoubleClick Performics, a move which the company said would allow it to target consumers with more relevant adverts.

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