More than one in ten marketers use a combination of video, mobile and social media platforms in their cross-channel campaign strategies, a new survey reveals.

According to a report by online business optimisation provider Omniture, 14 per cent of industry professionals use a multi-pronged approach when it comes to their cross-channel marketing activities.

The 2010 Omniture Online Analytics Benchmark Survey found that overall, more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of respondents are using social media as part of their marketing efforts, but 41 per cent of those lack a mechanism to measure social media conversion.

Over three-quarters (86 per cent) of respondents said they think conversion rates from online marketing activities are important to measure, but 25 per cent lack the tools to do so effectively.

Matt Langie, director of product marketing at Omniture Business Unit, said: “Being able to measure these emerging channels effectively is a key business requirement for many marketers today.”

He added that the smart marketers are the ones who are focusing on sound strategies for emerging channels.