Minor tweaks to packaging designs can lead to an uplift in sales, experts have declared.

In the Financial Times report, gurus praise Famous Grouse for tweaking its bottle design only subtly, resulting in a six per cent rise in sales despite blended whisky volumes dropping by two per cent in the market as a whole.

Other firms have also benefited from minor changes included big names such as Hovis, Jaffa Cakes and McDonald’s.

For instance, McDonald’s is celebrating the arty black and white shots on its packaging as a success and Jaffa Cakes sales are up nine per cent since reverting to a “more traditional look”.

It is not just the art work, for while Famous Grouse changed its label to have ‘less clutter’, it also made its neck more angular, which is said to have helped appeal to drinkers, even if the changes were not immediately obvious.

However, Raymond Turner, chairman of the judges at the UK Design Business Association design awards, said that minor changes can be more difficult than larger ones.

“It requires a higher level of sophistication from the designers to make small rather than big changes,” he told the paper.

In addition, firms have been warned that a change is not a guarantee for success – Mr Kipling products were given an upmarket design, but the uplift in sales was only temporary.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18001516-ADNFCR

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