A personalisation technique has been recommended to direct marketers hoping to incorporate email marketing strategies into their campaigns this year.

According to Derek Gehl of Entrepreneur.com, the effect which personalisation has on targets, some of whom will be picked from business lists, should not be underestimated.

He explained that including the name of an intended recipient in the subject line of an email could make the message more eye-catching.

Mr Gehl said: “When you stay in touch with your regular customers and subscribers and send them valuable information, they’ll view you as a credible resource, an expert in your field, and most important, someone who’s watching out for their best interests.

“Sending out an email with a personalised subject line is the equivalent of calling someone’s name in a crowd: It has that same power to grab his attention.”

Using language or icons which convey a sense of urgency was also advocated by Mr Gehl in order to drive up open rates.

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