Underestimating the significance of good quality content is a common mistake among marketers who are new to search engine optimisation, an industry expert has said.

According to Phillip Shaw, the director and founder of online marketing agency CleverClicks, the quality and quantity of a website’s content is a “crucial” part of getting good results from search engine optimisation.

Writing on the web portal Flying Solo, Mr Shaw advised marketing professionals to continually endeavour to bulk up content over time and most importantly, to incorporate keywords that will draw traffic to their sites.

Marketers were also encouraged to include full product descriptions, interesting articles about products, customer case studies, company newsletters and FAQs for additional content.

“Understanding how your customers search for you in Google is your number one priority when looking at search engine optimisation,” Mr Shaw wrote.

“It is important to get this right as there is no point in ranking number one for a keyword phrase that people are not frequently searching for.”

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