Postcards can be a very effective way of delivering offline B2B direct mail messages, an expert has said.

Crystal Uppercue, marketing manager at EU Services, explained that the small and portable format of postcards is ideal for establishing or strengthening relationships with customers.

Writing in BtoB Magazine, she suggested that marketers can use postcards to thank customers or clients, but maintained that ultimately the content of a direct mail piece is the key to its success.

“Remember that creativity is key: try something humorous, unusual or particularly eye-catching,” Ms Uppercue said.

“Such an effort creates good will and can prompt customers to shop with you again or sing your praises to colleagues.”

She also suggested that marketers can consider adding a promotional code to their direct mail piece in order to encourage purchases.

Writing on Marketing Profs, Social media consultant Mack Collier recently advised marketers to maintain excellent copywriting quality on all their marketing communications.

Posted by Julie Knight, Managing Director – General Marketing, Industry News