Marketers have to harness the power of both offline and online marketing in an industry increasingly dominated by Web 2.0, an expert has advised.

According to Chris Dodd, chief executive of, internet marketing has “swelled to mammoth proportions”, so marketers are now faced with the challenge of finding a way to successfully integrate online and offline platforms.

He pointed out that marketers have to be aware that it is necessary to be flexible and to adapt to changes in the market.

Mr Dodd also commented that offline marketing remains just as relevant as online in attracting repeat business and still requires the same level of customer satisfaction and personalisation.

He cautioned that while online blogs and customer reviews can be valuable, it is essential that administration costs and the management of interactive outlets are not “neutralising” this value.

According to the Direct Mail Information Service, 27 per cent of direct mail campaigns exceeded the average response rate, with 14 per cent achieving results more than double the average.

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