Writing print articles for magazines is a good way for firms to promote their organisations on a budget, an expert has suggested.

Jamie Turner, chief content officer at The 60 Second Marketer, said having articles published in magazines or web-based blogs is an effective way of raising a company’s profile.

He also suggested that marketers could try writing a press release each week for eight weeks in a row, making sure they are relevant and helpful.

Marketers were warned however, not to publicly broadcast the press releases they write, but to send it out to specific journalists they are familiar with in order to ensure the right company message is given out.

Mr Turner also recommended more innovative techniques such as interviewing local chief executive officers for an eBook.

“This accomplishes two things,” he noted. “First, it gets you in front of high-profile businesspeople who may be future clients. Second, the final eBook is a great door opener when you promote it to other businesses.”

A recent report from the Marketing Group suggests that 28 per cent of marketers plan to focus on client acquisition over the next few months.

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