Direct mail is an effective and cheap way to market products and there are just a few simple steps that professionals should take in order to achieve success, a printing firm has said.

According to Print Place, choosing the product that will be promoted may seem like the obvious first step, but knowing exactly what it is that will be marketed is crucial to an effective marketing campaign.

Marketers will not be able to choose which direct mail tools to utilise until they are certain of which product and service they want to advertise.

“Many businesses have a large range of products, while others have more focused services,” the firm said. “Either way, you can’t move on to the next steps until you know what you want to promote.”

Print Place also highlighted the significance of devising a direct mail list in order to target audiences more effectively and recommended that marketers should enlist the help of a professional printing firm.

“Regardless of the type of print advertising – postcards, greeting cards [or] catalogues – a professional printing company can make sure it looks great.”

According to Hewlett Packard, sending mail directly to people, either printed mail or email, is more effective than placing ads in magazines.

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