Printed direct mail content can be combined with emerging forms of digital platforms to create effective campaigns, an expert has said.

Liz Love, managing director of global PocketMedia specialists Z-Card, pointed out that although some segments of the marketing industry may believe that paper is dead, the printed format is very much alive and can be used as part of an effective cross-channel approach.

Speaking at the Marketing Excellence for Small Business event, organised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ms Love explained however, that the print format has to change and innovate into new incarnations such as augmented technology in order to stay relevant and effective.

“Augmented reality is where print jumps off the page and becomes digital – it’s a perfect combination of the two,” she explained.

“In the last few months, the interactivity has been really developed and that’s where the key lies.”

Ms Love added that the marriage between something permanent and “freshly squeezed information” adds a great deal of value to a marketing campaign as a whole.

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