Traditional print advertising is increasingly driving lead generation, a new survey from Telmetrics has found.

A study by the advertising call measurement solutions provider revealed that URLs visits represented 44 per cent of leads from print advertising campaigns.

Telmetrics’s figures also reveal that tracking unique URL activity in addition to call measurement shows a 78 per cent increase in the overall leads driven by print Yellow Pages adverts.

Significantly higher volumes of web activity were recorded for car dealers (184 per cent more clicks than calls) and florists (126 per cent more clicks than calls).

“Evaluating the impact that print advertising has on web activity is critical,” commented Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics.

“Without tracking unique URL traffic, Yellow Pages advertisers would not know the total number of leads the print product is driving, as those touch points could be attributed to online ad channels.”

According to marketing specialist Karen Caffrey, not keeping track of lead generation statistics is one of the biggest mistakes that marketers make.