Brands that are advertised in public spaces are more likely to attract attention than those that are not, a new study has found.

A survey conducted by Kinetic Worldwide, Clear Channel Outdoor and Bangor University found that consumers are 35 per cent more likely to respond to brands advertised outside of the home than they are to other forms of advertsing such on web-based platforms.

Researchers found that brands advertising outdoors were more likely to be remembered. In addition, the study found that typefaces, logos, images and colours were especially effective in eliciting responses.

Nick Mawditt, director of insight and marketing at Kinetic Worldwide, told UTalkMarketing: “Beyond the impact an out of home campaign can have, this study has helped us understand how ads work in triggering consumers’ existing perceptions of brand and category.”

He added that the study’s findings will enable marketers to carry out better planning decisions across all channels and platforms.

According to eCommerce Optimization, firms can save a lot of money in their offline marketing campaigns by “streamlining or automating their companies’ processes”.

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