Marketers can gain credibility with sales leads by publishing high quality editorial articles in well regarded publications, an expert has said.

According to Ford Kanzler, head of PR Savvy, instead of writing private whitepapers that just remain on obscure websites, marketers should use public media outlets for maximum exposure.

Writing in Marketing Profs, Mr Kanzler explained that public media outlets deliver many times the traffic achieved by most company websites and offer much more credibility than any brand marketer can expect.

Bob Peterson, head of Silicon Valley Writing added that engaging with key editors is a cost-effective way of reaching as many sales leads as possible.

“Moreover, your story can reinforce your brand’s competitive differentiation,” Mr Peterson commented. “Repeated regularly, your market position and what your brand stands for will become clear to your customers.”

Mark Batchelor, managing director of Markman OTW, recently stressed the importance of forging a strong brand identity. Speaking at the Marketing Excellence for Small Businesses event, he said a solid brand provides a firm foundation for future business success.

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