The quality of business data lists will be increasingly important for businesses as they look to recover from the recession, it has been claimed.

A spokesperson for the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ), Daragh O Brien, said that firms will begin to focus more on information quality as they look to grow their businesses in the coming months.

“There will be an increased focus on information quality and data consistency as we begin the upswing from the recession,” he said.

He added that aside from data quality, businesses are likely to look at streamlining and improving information management as they try to grow their business assets.

However, such changes are not just simple changes to technical infrastructure, he said, noting that challenges relating to process and culture will have to be addressed.

His comments follow research conducted by Lepus and published by Thomson Reuters earlier this year, which showed that more than three-quarters of top financial services businesses intend to boost spending on projects addressing data quality.