The quality and regularity of content published on a corporate blog determines the level of success achieved by a marketing campaign, an expert has said.

According to industry commentator Jeremy Long Chia Teik, a high-quality blog will draw a greater volume of traffic to a site and result in higher search engine rankings.

Writing on the online resource, Mr Teik advised marketers to ensure that their blog presents a mixture of valuable information and provides all the necessary content visitors need all in one place.

He also pointed out that if marketing messages are to be included in the body of blog content, they should be subtle but not disguised.

“Do not try to deceive readers – try to make your blog informal and candid and definitely not pitchy to the extent of plugging your product across,” Mr Teik commented.

Online resource SEO for Google recently highlighted the fact that a good blog should be updated daily or at least five times a week.

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