Ever stood in a crowded marketplace trying to catch a glimpse of something you wanted to buy amid the distracting hustle and bustle?

That same sensation is also experienced by prospects when they open their email inboxes and find scores of junk mail and correspondence competing for their attention.

This obviously poses serious problems for B2B marketing firms that rely on email to lure sales leads to their websites. If your email does not send all the right signals, rest assured, it will go unnoticed or worse still, head straight to the junk mail folder never to see the light of day again.

So how do you make sure that your content is not among those poor unfortunate rejects? Easy. Research what works and apply these rules to your own marketing mix.

As Alan Smith of web design firm Sphinx points out, why not look into your own inbox and take a notice of the emails that pique your interest and the ones that are so unremarkable you didn’t even realise you missed them in the first place.

“Pay attention to the emails which you prefer to open and the reasons behind it,” he comments.

“See which type of wordings and presentations attract you and serve the purpose for which they are created.”