Using combined tactics of the internet and television is more effective in reaching consumers, a recent study has shown.

According to a report released by Thinkbox and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), using television and online marketing tactics together creates 47 per cent more positivity about a brand than using either one alone.

The report’s findings also revealed that “tech savvy” people are 50 per cent more likely to make a purchase when both the internet and television are used to promote any given product or service.

Guy Phillipson, chief executive of the IAB, said: “In all the categories we tested, the results were very positive for both ‘soft’ brand measures and ‘hard’ purchase intent scores.

“Advertisers have been clamouring for more research about TV and online and going forward, I’m certain these results will be highly influential to media planning.”

The study concluded that there is now a need to ensure a creative synergy between TV and online advertising and to identify best practice for better effectiveness, which the authors say requires more than “simply putting TV ads online”.

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