Marketers should ensure they choose the right combination of words in order to enhance the effectiveness of their direct mail campaigns, an expert has said.

According to Ann Pruitt, an associate at 60 Second Communications, marketers often underestimate the power of the well chosen word, but picking the right verbal mix can be the difference between a “successful marketing campaign and a failed one”.

Writing in The 60 Second Marketer, she noted that English-language marketing campaigns can potentially be communicating with people from vastly different backgrounds with various understandings of intended meanings, so campaigns would do well to take this into account.

“Have a knowledge of and a respect for the language,” Ms Pruitt suggested. “Taking the time to avoid the overused, trite words can be rewarded with more powerful marketing materials that move just the right audience with just the right message.”

A previous survey by Datran Media Research found that a third of marketers believe creative optimisation has the most impact on their direct marketing strategies.

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