It is easier to measure the effectiveness of search engine marketing (SEM) compared to other platforms, it has been suggested.

According to Digital Brand Expressions, search provides a wide range of metrics and measures that make determining its level of return on investment easier compared to other media platforms.

Marc Engelsman, vice-president of client programmes and services at Digital Brand Expressions, explained that the ability of search to capture metrics like conversions provides marketers with an incentive to reallocate their budgets from less trackable marketing tactics to search.

“Search is also relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other media so it is not only a proven effective medium, it is remarkably efficient as well,” he said.

Mr Engelsman added that the cost for one TV spot can pay for an entire year’s worth of search engine optimisation tactics.

A recent report published by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organisation found that 49 per cent of the companies surveyed are reallocating budgets to search engine marketing from print advertising.

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