Royal Mail has come under fire for a direct mail campaign it used to promote its direct mail services.

The firm’s Direct Mail Seed Box was branded as “the worst example of junk mail” for being “ridiculously wasteful”, reports Business Green.

As part of the campaign, a cardboard container resembling a seed box was sent out to recipients, with each package containing nine pamphlets that looked like seed packets with information about how to devise a direct mail strategy.

Critics maintained that the boxes – which measured 23cm x 12cm x 13cm – did not fit the purpose for which they were made and were not environmentally-friendly.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail countered however, that the boxes used were completely recyclable and the company has an integrated carbon management programme in place designed to cut its environmental impact and carbon emissions.

A Waste Watch spokesperson told Business Green: “Direct mail is a difficult area, but as a rule you’d encourage firms to only send material if necessary and keep packaging to an absolute minimum.”

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