Royal Mail is introducing a discount scheme for direct marketers in a bid to encourage them to become for environmentally-friendly by using improved data management strategies.

As part of the scheme, firms will be given discounts of up to 0.7 pence per item on downstream access prices if they employ a range of strategies that minimise the amount of waste they produce and help to reduce their carbon footprint.

One of the requirements marketers have to adhere to in order to receive the discount is to make use of data suppression software to remove the addresses of people who have requested not to receive direct mail.

Participants at the entry level stage will receive discounts of 0.3 pence, while those on the intermediary level receive an additional 0.4 pence reduction.

Steven Agar, managing director of Royal Mail, told Mad: “The price discount will encourage our wholesale customers to make the necessary changes to reduce the environmental impact of their direct mail campaigns.

“This further demonstrates Royal Mail’s commitment to support the advertising industry in creating more sustainable direct mail and we believe that our initiative will dovetail with our customers’ wider social responsibility initiatives.

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