Royal Mail will combine the concept direct mail and digital media marketing strategies with the release of a new customer relationship management solution.

Teaming up with dialogue marketing specialists, Vialuna, the company has brought out an integrated solution which claims to be able to engage with prospective or existing customers to a greater degree.

Known as Dialogue Mail, the solution sends out mailshots using consumer mailing lists directing potential customers to websites, before using personalised URLs to create interactive microsites tailoring the marketing campaign to each individual customer.

Antony Miller, Royal Mail’s head of media development, commented: “Royal Mail is determined to continue to be innovative in developing new solutions that help businesses make the most of their direct mail campaigns and forge strong, one-to-one relationships with their customers.”

Royal Mail announced the launch on the back of research which showed that half (55 per cent) of consumers prefer to be contacted via a combination of direct mail and online avenues.

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