A new resource will be on hand for firms focusing their marketing efforts on direct mail.

Royal Mail is setting up an industry body called the Mail Media Centre (MMC) which will offer advice, information and research findings to businesses using direct mailing services, report Marketing Week.

The new organisation has been compared with the Radio Advertising Bureau, which aims to encourage investment in commercials over the airwaves.

Speaking to the marketing news provider, Royal Mail’s head of media development, Andrew Miller, has explained that the move is about helping the market as a whole rather than serving the company’s interests.

He said: “This is not an attempt to convince anyone that our medium is the answer to everything.

“Instead, it answers the question of why you need mail in the mix, why you should consider it every time and how it can boost results.”

At present, the MMC website appears to be under construction, but soon case studies and tips will be available for those interested in direct mail as a marketing strategy.

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