Email marketing professionals have been advised to segment their data lists in order to specifically target groups of consumers and to boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Kevin Gibbs commented in a posting for e Consultancy that breaking down data lists into customers with similar traits and tastes can mean a greater focus is applied when targeting these groups in the future.

He argued: “There are many, many different ways you can segment your customers: age, frequency of purchase, whether they have a family, whether they’re students or professionals, how often they use your services, and more.”

Elsewhere, Steve Khederian, director of analysts at US-based marketing firm Catalyst, recently claimed data lists are only as reliable as the information they hold and therefore it is imperative that marketers are honest about the data they handle.

He argued that when implementing the results of marketing campaigns it is important not to interpret data in a way that is not borne out by the findings.

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