A selected group of UK advertisers and marketers will be allowed access to Microsoft’s AdCenter technology.

Analysts believe the move is significant of Microsoft attempting to lure rival companies away from similar advertising services recently launched by Yahoo and Google, reports vunet.com.

Microsoft’s AdCenter service is the component of MSN which is responsible for the site’s advertising.

The service will operate by inviting advertisers and marketers to access the AdCenter’s APIs, which will allow them to add their campaign content directly to the service and target consumers specifically.

A similar model operated in the US and Yahoo uses a comparable invitation service for its Yahoo Search Marketing service – Google AdWords also charges marketers and advertisers for access.

Although a number of larger UK companies are currently testing the Microsoft AdCenter APIs, general registration to the service will not occur until full product launch at the end of 2006.

James Colborn, Microsoft search strategy product manager, said he hoped the early access for some companies to the service would benefit both Microsoft and the UK marketing industry.

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