Search engine marketing (SEM) is expected to take off globally as marketers start to move into the international arena, an expert has said.

Sam Tilson, director of search engine optimisation at website consultancy firm Idea Taxi, said the increasing popularity of SEM will be seen as companies venture into international markets and the UK and US marketing industries become more competitive.

He pointed out that SEM is also becoming more popular because it is easier to track the return on investment of marketing expenditure on the channel compared to other more traditional forms of marketing.

“With SEM and methods such as pay-per-click, a company can know the exact return from each pound or dollar spent,” Mr Tilson said.

“This new model is attracting marketing budgets. With the constant growth of users online and online consumer spend, this trend will continue.”

According to information technology market intelligence firm International Data Corporation, search advertising revenue is expected to grow from $13.8 billion (£9.6 billion) to $27.3 billion (£19 billion) between 2009 and 2014.