B2B marketing firms have been advised to enlist the services of professional search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriters to make their websites more search engine-friendly.

Scott Moir, of Jazzou.com, said professional copywriters will be able to optimise firms’ websites and landing page content, so they can have improved standing and visibility on search engines such as Google.

“Website pages that are optimised for both search engines and visitors can increase long-tail ranking and improve conversions,” he commented.

Mr Moir added that firms should also include content that gives an air of authority and shows that firms have a detailed mastery of their field.

“[Authoritative] content is text or resources that educate, inform or entertain,” he maintained.

He stressed that being designated an authority in a given field will not only help direct marketing firms improve their page rank, but it will also increase the amount of dwell time visitors spend on a site, which will result in more sales and prospects.

Jen Doyle, senior research analyst at MarketingSherpa, recently advised marketers that pay-per-click marketing strategies can help firms increase their sales leads.