Small businesses can utilise viral marketing to their benefit as it allows for a cheaper method of advertising than traditional ways to spread a message, one industry commentator has said.

A spokesman for entertainment website Kontraband said grass roots viral methods could work particularly well.

He added: “The most obvious benefit is cost. It is much cheaper than conventional advertising. With viral marketing you can also track it and see how many people have seen it.

“If small businesses want to do it, they can take a more grass roots approach by creating viral forums or blogs to generate PR around their business.

“It is something that everyone should consider and it is something you can just do yourself. It doesn’t cost money, it just costs time. If you have the time to do it you can do it as much as you want.”

Figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau found that over £2 billion was spent on internet advertising in 2006. This was driven by a 41.2 per cent surge in growth as marketers shifted their budgets online.

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