Small companies are drawn to social media platforms because of the strong level of measurability it offers, an expert has said.

Tania Jackson, managing director at Red Idea, said social media’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is immediate and has an easy-to-monitor impact.

Businesses are also opting to incorporate social media platforms into a wider multi-channel campaign strategy because it is an effective way of generating sales leads and disseminating marketing content as widely as possible.

“If you advertise in a magazine or a newspaper you often have to hope for the best but if you use social media, have an online planning strategy and back that with Google Analytics…then it’s easier to know where that money has come from,” Ms Jackson explained.

She added that many marketers are also seeking ways in which to venture into online PR and use that to the advantage of their brands.

A recent report conducted by Warwick Business School on behalf of Royal Mail found that marketing is a key factor in the success of small businesses.

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