Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are being called on to increase their use of email marketing and online marketing services during the recession.

It has been suggested that more SMEs would benefit from using direct mail marketing via email, because the process is relatively cheap and a simple way to keep in touch with clients during the economic downturn.

Chris Lake, editor in chief of online publisher Econsultancy, explained that online marketing could work closely with offline campaigns such as direct mail to ensure a business is keeping in close contact with clients and potential customers.

“Emarketing supports and joins up other offline marketing efforts, helping firms to measure return on investment and understand what works and what doesn’t,” he commented.

Recent research published by Yougov on behalf of printing company Hewlett Packard found that around one in three small businesses are planning on marketing their way out of the recession.

However, over half those polled also said their marketing budget would not increase over the months ahead.

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