The amount of Britons responding to adverts with text message codes is growing, highlighting the growing importance of SMS as a marketing tool, new research has shown.

UK response rates to SMS codes stands at 18.5 per cent in the M:Metrics study, beating countries like the US and Germany, which have response rates as low as 3.4 per cent.

Commenting on the importance of these findings to marketers, Will Hodgman, CEO of M:Metrics, said: “The growing adoption of major brands using SMS and the substantial consumer response rates indicate a couple of important trends: mobile as a commercial medium is on steroids; and multimedia convergence is real.”

Television was five times more successful a driver of SMS responses as either radio or magazines, the survey found, with chances to win prizes driving up responses.

Yet while M:Metrics claims that SMS marketing is a booming sector, with over a third of British mobile users having received a text advert, the firm expects the sector to receive even more attention in the future.

“It will not be long before brand advertisers supersede the mobile operators,” predicts Mr Hodgman.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-17733896-ADNFCR

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