More criticism for Royal Mail, this time from HSBC, which said that its mailing campaign to get out its annual report hit a snag at delivery.

The bank’s 454-page report weighs 1.47kg and includes 133 pages of notes that explain the EU’s introduction in 2005 of International Financial Reporting Standards, yet was too much for postmen, delaying its delivery.

Instead, many staff delivered them one at a time to the bank’s 300,000 shareholders, holding up an important campaign.

Although not every firm may have an annual report so big, the tale should make marketers sit and ponder their data intelligence to ensure that they have the most suitable campaign for them.

HSBC said that its report can now be downloaded, so firms may wish to switch to electronic delivery. Alternatively, it could have considered what was necessary and would make shareholders pay attention and trim the report, saving them postal costs and poor postmen their backs.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18113214-ADNFCR

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