Marketers are increasingly using social networks as a method of customer acquisition, a new report has found.

According to the State of Inbound Marketing study by Hubspot, more than four in ten companies have captured email leads and prospects from four major social networking channels.

Around 41 per cent of companies have acquired a customer from both LinkedIn and Twitter, while 44 per cent have secured leads from Facebook and 46 per cent from a company blog.

The survey found that the more post a company makes on its corporate blog, the more success it will gain in driving new business and securing more sales.

All respondents surveyed who posted blogs multiple times a day said they acquired a customer, while 90 per cent of those who posted once a day were successful in securing new leads.

The figure dropped to 69 per cent of firms who posted blogs two to three times a week and down to just 13 per cent of businesses who posted less than a month.