Companies can build their brand by taking advantage of the benefits offered by social media and online PR, an expert has said.

Mark Batchelor, managing director of Markman OTW, explained that online PR can achieve a high level of visibility for companies, while conversations on social media platforms can increase a brand’s online profile.

Mr Batchelor stressed that building a brand is about building a strong profile, generating awareness and engagement of the market.

He went on the point out that brands and businesses have been drawn to online marketing channels because they can deliver measurable results at a fraction of the cost, are easier to target and can generate individually named customers.

This then enables businesses to calculate their return on investment and make quick and informed decisions on their marketing expenditure.

According to recent research by digital agency Guava and E-consultancy, 81 per cent of companies now market themselves on Twitter, while 78 per cent make use of Facebook.