Data lists for email marketing campaigns could be boosted through the use of social media, it has been claimed.

Curt Dalton, chief executive officer of The Internet Time Machine, noted in an article for DM News that people are becoming “pickier” about the emails they receive and therefore by using social media, companies can gain an insight into the types of products consumers are interested in.

He commented: “You may have users who visit your Facebook page more often than your website and there might be other customers that have visited your Facebook page but have never come to your website.”

Mr Dalton added that companies could be missing out on millions of potential email opt-ins by not embracing social media.

Elsewhere, Greg Phillips recently wrote in an article for Bizcommunity that between 15 and 20 per cent of email correspondence does not reach its target.

As a result, ensuring complete deliverability of correspondence for email is the holy grail for email marketing professionals.

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