Email marketing professionals can rest assured that their sector is unlikely to be superseded by social media any time in the near future, it has been stated.

Aliya Zaidi, writing for, claimed that the market is in a particularly strong position at present and a growth of 15 per cent in email marketing spending is predicted for the coming year.

The familiarity of email will make it a marketing medium that, if anything, will go from strength-to-strength in the future, Ms Zaidi claimed.

“Effective marketing is no longer about pitting one channel against one another, but rather about how different channels can work in conjunction with another,” she commented.

Elsewhere, Doug Morneau of Rhino Marketing recently argued that calls to action in the correspondence of email marketers can have a positive impact on results.

He noted that instructions like “click here, visit our website, ‘like’ us on Facebook” and other such requests help the reader interact with the sender and this can boost recognition and sales.

Posted by Julie Knight, Managing Director – General Marketing, Industry News

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