Marketing companies with limited budgets can use social media strategies for a “guerrilla approach”, it has been suggested.

Will Rigg, design director at FLY53, explained that social media platforms offer firms an opportunity to try new types of marketing at very little cost.

He illustrated this point by describing the success FLY53 has achieved by implementing a social networking campaign that advertised the company’s brand using websites such as MySpace.

“It was such an involved and tight knit community that within three days we had 3,000 people sign up [and it] grew and grew,” Mr Rigg revealed. “It snowballed and within a week 8,000 people were involved.”

He conceded however, that because MySpace has become so broad, it is fairly difficult to get people to engage with it is as much as they have done in the past.

The merits of social media marketing were also extolled by Lisa Morgan of Practical E-commerce, who recently said that social platforms and email marketing should be used together as part of a powerful multi-channel campaign strategy.

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