Despite their burgeoning popularity among online marketers, social networking websites are still a big target for fraudsters, an expert has warned.

According to Roger Thompson, chief research officer at AVG Technologies, although social networks have become a popular marketing medium, they are still “rich and inviting” targets for scam artists.

He added that hackers will continue to search for ways to breach the security of social networks but the websites are taking a stand and employing measures designed stop fraudsters in their tracks

“Facebook takes security seriously and tries very hard to shut down phishing sites and to prevent rogue applications getting into their system,” Mr Thompson said.

He pointed out that social media platforms also have to deal with the fact that “security and functionality tend to exist in an inverse relationship” – that is, the more powerful you make something, the less secure it tends to be.

Facebook recently fell prey to a phishing scam, which comprised the security of some 200 million social networkers.

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