The rise in popularity of social networking sites is beginning to have an impact on the effectiveness of email marketing, new research by JupiterResearch has found.

According to a report by the firm, 22 per cent of email users reported that they use social networking sites, instant messaging, text messaging and mobile phones instead of email.

Some 44 per cent of respondents said email inspired at least one online purchase, compared with 51 per cent of respondents in 2007. Similarly, 41 per cent of respondents said email led to at least one offline purchase, compared with 47 per cent last year.

David Daniels, research director and lead analyst of the report, said: “Consumers’ confidence in email has become shaken by irrelevant communications and high message frequency, which are top drivers of subscribers’ churn and channel scepticism.”

David Schatsky, head of JupiterResearch added that email marketers need to acknowledge the fact that other forms of communication are competing for their consumers’ attention, so they must adapt their strategies in a rapidly evolving climate.

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