Companies that split their email marketing content into several parts are more likely to achieve better open rates than those who don’t, an expert claims.

According to Nick Stamoulis, from Brick Marketing, firms can increase the attention their promotions receive by providing consumers with an interesting feature or article that encourages them to read the message.

Marketers can then continue the feature in subsequent emails, thereby sustaining the attention and interest of readers.

Writing on his Email Marketing Journal Blog, Mr Stamoulis said this approach is highly likely to encourage potential clients or subscribers to open future messages.

“When someone has had the chance to read part one of your series, you can bet they’ll be opening the next several emails, especially if that content is truly useful for them; they’ll be watching their inbox for the next installment to put it to use” he wrote.

According to Andy Goldman of OgilvyOne, a large number of business and consumer emails fail to connect with their readers because they still send out email messages with blocked images or non-functioning links.

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