Emails that incorporate the word “free” in their subject lines have the best chances of attracting the attention of recipients, a new survey has found.

MailerMailer’s 9th bi-annual Email Marketing Metrics Report reveals that the most successful promotional emails feature the words “free”, “news” or “party”.

Keywords such as “sale”, “newsletter” and “night” also have a high likelihood of enticing recipients to read marketing messages.

MailerMailer’s findings also revealed that emails are being opened sooner, with 32.6 per cent of all electronic mailings being read within two hours of receipt – up from 29.6 per cent six months ago.

“The key to leading winning campaigns in the midst of a recession is to move with the ebb and flow of changing subscriber preferences,” said Raj Khera, chief executive of MailerMailer.

“Our report covers many important trends marketers need to be aware of to make strategic decisions in running their campaigns.”

Previous research by MailerMailer has showed that emails with shorter subject lines tend to be more successful.

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