A new survey suggests that B2B marketing practitioners could benefit from employing white papers as part of their overall marketing strategy.

According to research from Eccolo Media, three-quarters (76 per cent) of corporate respondents said they have read at least one white paper within the last six months, with 83 per cent citing white papers as moderately to extremely influential when making purchasing decisions.

The survey, which questioned 500 IT professionals, also found that respondents rate video positively when considering whether or not to buy.

More than half (59 per cent) of respondents said they have watched a vendor’s corporate video while considering a technology purchase – a 17 per cent increase since 2009.

Lorie Loe, president and chief content strategist of Eccolo Media, said marketers need to realise that written content lacking an interactive element is likely to appear “flat and old-fashioned”.

“The most important take-away from this year’s survey is the data around embedding multimedia files into white papers, case studies and other written collateral,” she said.