Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) do not use social media links or icons in their promotional emails, new research shows.

A study from email marketing technology firm GetResponse found that less than one in five (18.7 per cent) of SMB marketers linked their promotional emails to their Twitter account, while just 13.5 per cent included clickable sharing links to their social media networks.

The Email Marketing and Social Media Integration report found that SMB marketers who do integrate their promotional emails with social media send an average of eight monthly emails containing a link to their Twitter account.

Email marketing messages with a social sharing option were found to generate 30 per cent higher click through rate than emails without one. Furthermore, messages with three or more sharing option generated 55 per cent higher click through rates.

The report reveals that Twitter was the most popular sharing option among respondents and was included in 67.2 per cent of all social emails, with Facebook coming in a close second at 62.7 per cent.

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