The discounted Sustainable Mail scheme launched by Royal Mail is misleading, one industry figure has suggested.

Peter Wognum, director and chief operating officer at Biz4Green, has claimed that no direct mailing services can claim to use “environmentally-friendly materials”.

Mr Wognum stressed that any material used in direct mail campaigns will ultimately have some impact on the environment as part of its manufacturing process.

Writing on Director of Finance, he told marketers: “They may be less environmentally-unfriendly but creating ‘stuff’, any stuff, has a depleting effect on resources, from the harvested wood through the huge amount of water required to convert wood to paper to the coal, oil and gas burnt to power the process.

“Whilst I’m not unsympathetic that you make this choice because you want to save money, please don’t kid yourself that you’re delaying the inevitable depletion of all carbon based energy sources by taking this step.”

Royal Mail has backed the launch of the PAS 2020 environmental standard which will make up part of the qualification guidelines for the Sustainable Mail reductions.ADNFCR-8000151-ID-19028127-ADNFCR

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