Consumers still like to receive direct mail marketing communications because they are tangible, an expert has said.

Tony Pires, president of Lime Marketing, explained that direct mail is still preferred by many because it is real and palpable and allows recipients to leave communications on their desks and look at them later.

Writing in the New England Business Bulletin, he pointed out that with direct mail, recipients cannot just press the delete button and make it go away.

Mr Pires noted that direct mail can also be combined with email for successful results given the rising popularity of interactive marketing methods.

“[The] integrated approach and consistent message using two different mediums to touch your client or prospect can have a dramatic effect on the success of the campaign,” he said.

Email can also function as a teaser to be sent first to alert consumers that a direct mail promotion will follow.

Writing on The Business Ledger, Gary Bohringer of Simply Smart Mail recently said direct mail is an effective marketing tool for small firms as well as larger ones.

Posted by Julie Knight, Managing Director – General Marketing, Industry News