Marketers can use technology to reduce their expenditure on campaign strategies, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has said.

The organisation pointed out that even though technology can be used to cut costs, potential approaches should be first tested out for effectiveness before being used.

Thomas Brown, research projects manager at the CIM, said firms that use technology as part of their marketing campaigns can also have the opportunity of being viewed as “contemporary, innovative and more progressive than those that are not using technology”.

“It is very easy, as it is with cutting your prices, to simply shift all your communications online and save a lot of money,” Mr Brown said.

He warned, however, that technology should not simply be seen as a replacement but as an accompaniment to existing marketing tactics such as offline direct mail.

The CIM has also recently offered assistance to firms to help them operate as effectively as possible during the current economic downturn.

Taking place on May 14th and 15th, a number of seminars will offer a “tremendous opportunity to find out more about how marketing can make a real difference in these difficult times”, according to David Thorp, the director of research and professional development at the institute.

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