New technology is helping webmasters and marketers at small firms and businesses to attract more visitors to their websites.

The new feature allows them to advertise freely on other sites through pop-ups that are block-proof.

The site,, is providing customers with a pop-up traffic exchange service, which functions in a similar way to banner advertising.

Members who register agree to show adverts on their sites in exchange for being able to advertise their own website on the sites of other members, without having to pay.

A spokesman told IT Week: “This traffic exchange programme operates on a two-for-one basis – so if your website gets 50,000 visitors your account will be awarded with 25,000 pop-ups that will appear across other websites.”

DHTML technology is being used to allow advertisers display their pop-ups without the fear of being blocked.

The spokesman added: “From a webmaster’s perspective this means greater revenue… Pop-ups are the most effective form of advertising and one of the most profitable, despite what users say.

“And the [anti-blocking feature] benefits publishers, because they don’t get paid if their pop-up is blocked.”

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